Texas based collegiate teams

So perhaps you’re asking yourself what teams does Texas actual have?  Good question, Texas done in fact have teams in some of the colleges.  If you use this TeSPA link you can find a team in your college and additionally if you happen to find your college not listed you can then start-up and list your college team here.  If you want to see more eSports we need to show everyone that Texas is good grounds for them and this is a good first step.


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More teams for 2015 LCS League of Legends?

Nick Allen, mentions among other changes that they are kicking around the idea of increasing the teams participating in the LCS to 10 which is a change up from the current 8.  This change brings a lot of possibilities and I hope that the teams involved in the LCS will always be fluid which I feel will add some competition and make sure that what we have is the best in the game.  This leaves the door open for other teams waiting in the wings to move in if a current LCS team doesn’t perform well for a season or two.

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Gearbox and Battleborn

Gearbox a local game developer based in Plano, Texas who you might know from their popular Borderlands games will be throwing their hat in the ring by presenting their own MOBA called Battleborn.  Right now it’s still early but it you can definitely see some similarities between other popular games currently out character wise.

Looking at the video there are 5 characters I’m assuming that will represent the 5 general roles in MOBAs.  I assume those will are Jungler, Top, Mid, ADC and Support.  There is also a mix of your usual swords and sorcery styles but they seem to mix in more modern weaponry like machine guns, a Gatling style gun and robot minions.

Two question that immediately come to mind:  “What will they do to make themselves stand out?” and  “What can they bring to the table that can grab enough of the pie that LoL and DOTA 2 currently hold the most of?”

Either way this is exciting news and should excite Texas gamers because Gearbox is a great company so this should turn out to be a great game. Not to mention as a Texas based company you have to imagine that if things go well they’ll bring some amazing events to Dallas and other cities which I’ve said before are prime grounds for amazing eSports events on a more regular basis being between LA and NYC.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one as should you.  I’ll bring you more info as it comes.


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Leaked Hearthstone expansion info

These days everyone buzzing about the college that started taking gamers for their college esports team.  Rather than go for the low hanging fruit I saw a little unreleased info from GosuGamers about the coming release of the Naxxramas expansion to Hearthstone and chose to do a short entry about that.

It might seem that lately I’ve covered a lot of Blizzard between Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.  I assure you I’m not a fan boy but I do appreciate the steps they are taking to improve the gaming community and its bad reputation with Blizzard’s fresh line of games.  So it’s no secret that I’ve played more Hearthstone lately, this new expansion promises to really change the game in a good way and not just throw a few more cards on the pile. If you look at the link earlier it gives more substance than the teasing that Blizzard has done via social media releasing an occasional card to whet our appetites. Looking at the given pictures it looks like the new bosses are well though out and even more important shows they are really behind this project and that gives us a glimpse into the future with hopes that other released champions will have similar unique thought behind them.

What is equally interesting is the theorycrafting behind it all.  People are really excited about this expansion, the game is young and already there exists generally accepted best decks out there.  So this expansion is a breath of fresh air and brings hope that it will help some cards left on the side of the road for dead find their way back into relevance or more importantly some classes to become more practical in ranked play.

Not to mention deathrattle brings a more disposable and in some cases more thinking into your turn.  Often times killing a deathrattle creature benefits the user and some of these new ones are no different.  Look at the Webspinner for instance, the current thinking is that it can bring any random beast card even one not in deck or even owned.  That could be huge, as the price of 1 mana is one I would definitely pay since I’m assured to get almost anything better than that 1 mana 1/1 in trade even if it isn’t a King Krush.  In the early rounds when you play it that could set the pace for the game.

So how can you prepare yourself for the upcoming expansion?  Well at the moment there is no way to really know what they will ask for admission to each wing or packs of cards.  Though a good bet is to save up some in-game gold as that and if need be real money are the typical money vehicle used to pay for things in-game.  However I wouldn’t go crazy saving up a bunch of stuff especially if you haven’t gotten all the cards yet already available.  There is still some time before it comes out.


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Vehicle combat in eSports.

So I read this article on Redbull.com’s eSports website about how World of Tanks is the game to watch.  Having played this game a bit this is true.  It’s a very each game to get into but it’s very hard to master I feel as there are many strategies and tank types to deal with.  Like the article mentions the action is very exciting and even tense though being a newer player most of what I did was over expose myself and get shot to hell and back which allowed me to watch better players duke it out.  I happen to enjoy the light tanks and have most of my time split between the Russian MS-1 or the French Renault FT both sniper style.  So I have first hand knowledge of what games are like.

The reason why I think World of Tanks and games like this deserve to get more media attention is because it fills a vehicle battle niche that is missing in eSports.  We already have the FPS, MOBA and RTS styles covered but there is definite lack of dedicated vehicle combat games.  Fortunately, wargaming.net is covering that quite well with World of Tanks though they have released also World of Planes and World of Ships.  World of Ships, wargaming.net’s newest offering, is currently in its alpha test cycle and I’m waiting to get on board (pun intended) soon or in the beta having been a former US Navy sailor myself I really would like to try it out.

Wargaming.net is very much behind its products both in design and game options and of course money wise.  I feel with a company like this they have nowhere to go but up.  If you haven’t signed up jump in and try, and watch a few streams to see how the pros do it  and give the company a little more of the love it deserves.

eSports and the X Games

According to Major League Gaming they are teaming up with ESPN to feature eSports at the X Games in Austin this weekend. We can definitely look at this as an interest probe by ESPN to see the reaction and result.  Granted the first game featured will only be Call of Duty but still the big picture is there eSports is getting its run in an Olympic style competition setting on ESPN. This is essentially THE sports network if you were hoping for more eSports exposure this is it!

My feeling why they went with Call of Duty instead of League of Legends or others is because CoD is easily understandable and definitely a shorter game compared to a highly technical LoL game that could take 30-60 minutes to complete. At the end of it all it’s a positive move in my book and if things go well there will be a lot of eyes on this event to see how it goes. If it goes well we could see more advertising, more money and hopefully more exposure and acceptance in North America.

So rather than maybe not tuning in because it’s not your chosen game, support it because these are the things that can help or hurt our cause in eSports.  Not to mention if you make sure to tune in who is to say that the next games might not feature the game you’d like to see?


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